25 July 2012

Shhh! Don't tell them they're learning!

Our summer has been overflowing with crazy busy days! I try to keep some scheduled work going through summer but it has not been happening! Or has it and they're just not onto it!

I think we are running the library on empty each week! Encyclopedia Brown is a top hit among some particular (mom approved)) Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus choices.

Online learning games and not so learning games have kept busy minds working.

The library bag doubles as a Santa bag in our house!

Our long time friends - Lauri puzzle toys and games.

Other things keeping us busy besides reading is swimming. Doing lots of that. The kids are also enjoying their Bobbsey Twins marathon! They have had a goal of finishing all of them by September! The ones we don't own we usually can find online and download to our phone or ereader. (I'm not sure but I have a feeling the marathon won't be over until October but not because they aren't trying! Just so much life happening!) HERE is where we keep links to fun online activities and adding more links daily. In my opinion, a good library system combined with the internet and you have a full blown curriculum of your choice! There is so much learning happening just between these 2 places! I hope you all are having a fabulous summer with lots of fun, work, and learning!

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