29 July 2012

Canned pound cake

Shortly after I was married a group of ladies I knew from church cooked up a bunch of pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, and pound cake and baked then in canning jars. They sealed them right in the jars and gave away for gifts and for their own pantries. I lost the original recipe for doing it but I found THIS one online and made some. It turned out perfect! It's no secret that pound cake is one of my favorite treats and I look forward to popping open a jar of it!


Tracy G said...

Wow! I am trying this ASAP! Thank you for posting. Do you recall how many jars you used? Did you double the recipe like Granny did?

HeatherLee said...

Wow that is something I never heard of. What is the texture like?

busymomof10 said...

I awarded you The Sunshine Award! Come check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hey, bring some along with you when you come and the receipe. Can't wait to make some