24 May 2012




It's hard for me to sit down and enjoy the moments.

I'm reminded of how much I LOVE my 5 grandkids and their moms and pops when I run across a photo of them. Living in different states STINKS but fortunately, considering that we still get to see them quite often. But of course not often enough!

I feel self-conscience when I see a camera nearby and someone snapping photos!

I am mildly dishonest (to myself) when I indulge in something I shouldn't and think it's not going to affect me on the scale! Or when I sleep in longer than I should and shave an hour off when hubby asks what time I woke up! (okay, not quite a whole hour and only because he teases me constantly! I mean, not everyone can wake up a 4:20 a.m. like he does! But I'm working on it! Not the 4 o'clock thing but the mildly dishonest thing!)

I can't imagine a world without my family.

I'm surprised that I still long to have more babies added to my family! "Saying there are too many children in the world is like saying there are too many flowers." Yes, Mother Theresa, I wholeheartedly agree!

I get a little too easily wrapped up in exercising and long walks.

I indulge in guilty pleasures like organic white chocolate bars.

I wish all things in life were as beautiful as a breezy, cool, summer evening lying on a blanket outside.

A fun game I was invited to join (invitation open to all) from daughter-in-laws Heather's blog. You too should grab the list and fill out your own 'sometimes' thoughts!


Mrs. Stam said...

I like this post, getting to know a little bit more about you :-)

Pam... said...

Thanks for sharing that, my dear friend and conspirator in large family mothering! Love the image at the top!

Heather said...

Oh fun! Someone played! Im not a looser after all. ;)

Emily Fay said...

What a fun post! I, too, get nervous when a camera is nearby and I am not the one holding it! lol Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!

Becca said...

Love this post --- thanks for sharing!!! I usually only get nervous when a camera is around IF I know it's gonna end up on Facebook by later that day! LOL!!!

Cinnamon said...

Loved this. Great idea~

I peeked over at Heathers Blog too. Great pictures of the wedding and your beautiful children and grands.


Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts. I can totally relate to the camera thing (husband likes to take pictures of me all the time), and worrying about what you eat. I don't even get on a scale anymore! BTW, I think it's precious that you still desire more children. :)

I'm going to have to try answering these questions on my blog sometime.

Ruby said...

Always great to learn a little more about our blogging friends. I feel for you not having your children and grandchildren closer. I am so blessed in that way, with my Dad and Mum close, too.