06 May 2012

Colorado/Wedding part one

Well here we are! Back home from our trip that lasted 2 weeks and was full of fun and adventure. I'm much ashamed to admit that once again I took a family trip to Colorado and once again forgot my camera. Two for two. Only what's worse this time is that my little girl got married and mama only had her phone. Really? Who does that? Twice no less. Thank goodness for a daughter who is a photographer and knows exactly when NOT to miss a shot. The pics of the wedding and events are forth coming and will make up part two of this post! I did managed to have a few shots of some highlights of our trip which include as usual a ton of motorcycle riding, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and grandkids! The wedding was indeed the highlight of our trip and I am proud to announce the bride and groom are off living a life of married bliss and are enjoying one another immensely.

Thanks a million Emma for creating the video. You're great!

Vance Jr. dominates air hockey and pool while at Juli's house and if memory serves me right he was the winner each game and with each person. He's looking quite comfortable and relaxed in his 'winner's' position!

I really don't know I spent so much time with Vance Jr.'s little ones and only got a few pictures. Another thing I missed out on by not having my camera. But I did get to spend a ton of time with his 2 little ones and ate up every minute of it! Gemma didn't really like to ride on the motorcycles much but she came close enough by sitting on one with her uncle Gregg.

Daddy and Kelly are going down, quite literally by our 2 young, weight lifting boys. I mean really, did these 'old' guys really think they stood a chance! Never mind that though, they both put up a real good fight!

We were able to get a little bit of novice rock climbing in when we hiked up Castle Rock. It was a beautiful day and our family had some great fun.

Little Ambreigh was a hit as all the babies were. This grandma found much joy in tending the 3 little ones while their mama and daddy took a 3 day trip to Puerto Rico. Juli put SOOOO much into the wedding and housing family and friends at her house that it was time for her to go off and enjoy some much needed quiet time while I got to enjoy some much needed grandkids time. Between my 5 youngest children and the 3 grandkids there was a party nearly everyday!

Mary and daddy are off to hunt what Mary called, "Fossils" while we were dirt bike riding.

The youngest 'Vance' in the family, along with his sister Gemma were another treat for me. Below, Baby Vance is showing his Great Grandma Elaine his very own version of peek a boo!

Little Miss Ambreigh certainly stole the show, and of course, my heart! I had so much fun being with my little grandkids. I had much opportunity to spend some special time with each one of them.
When we get together with these 3 grandkids my girls love every moment. It is so nice having them so close in age because they play so well together. From left to right we have grandson Beckham, our Mary, granddaughter Aubryn, and our Janai on the end holding baby Ambreigh. Mary and Beckham are finding some kind of game to play below. Not sure what, but they are happy!

And what's a day out riding the hills without spills and falls off the motorcycles.

Some people didn't have to 'spill' off the bikes in order to get an injury. Here Vance Jr. and daddy look over a muffler burned wrist.

And nothing beats being prepared with a cool bottle of water and a field knife to take care of a wound.

And a less serious injury, daddy ends up with a really cool V on his arm. One of our daughters told him he should be proud of it since it is his initial and to wear it proudly!!


dggp said...

How wonderful. I left a comment but it didn't seem to go through. I'm so glad to hear about the trip. I've been thinking about you and look forward to seeing the bride and groom.

Pam... said...

Good to hear from you and see pics! I'm sure it's also good to be back home. Blessings.

ccc said...

Having only a cell phone to take pics sounds like me! I cannot wait to watch grandkids while my children go off on vacations--how fun for both parties involved!
Lovely photos and I an glad everyone had a good time

Jennifer said...

Good to hear from you. Happy you had a safe and happy trip.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you and your family had a wonderful trip. I'm looking forward to seeing those wedding pictures.

Emily Fay said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I loved seeing your photos! Have a blessed week ahead~

Cathy said...

Ouch on the motorcycle injuries--but I know they think it's worth it! I can imagine your joy at the wedding and being with your grandchildren for that time. I'm looking forward to your posts.

Heather said...

Love the video! Cant wait to see the next post. Miss you guys!

The Munck Family said...

Congratulations on the wedding! How wonderful!!!

Sounds like an amazing trip, along with lots of special memories made...camera or no camera! Seems you are in a wonderful season in life, one filled with the Lord's richness. Enjoy every moment...and thank you for sharing a glimpse of those moments with us.

You are blessed!

momoflots said...

Sounds like a full and wonderful visit!! And playing with grandkids!! Wonderful - I'm looking forward to that stage :)!! Can't wait to see wedding photos!

Diane said...

So glad your back home safe and sound. Looking forward to pics of the wedding.