03 March 2012

My birthdays just keep getting better!

They really do! You can never hear the words "Happy Birthday mom!" I got to hear it all day today! And it never got old! I love how they drew a birthday picture on the wall chalkborard!

I began my day on a very good note, a healthy bowl of oatmeal with cream and slivered almonds! Then my husband took me to dinner, shopping, and home to have some yummy cake and ice cream. Robyn made this delicious Walnut Cake: AKA Hickory Nut Cake from one of my favorite movies Meet Me In St. Louis.

And speaking of things not getting old! Well maybe there are some things that get old according to my children! I just couldn't get them to stop putting all those candles on the cake! They are welcome to go all day wishing me happy birthday but STOP with candles already!

My little girls presented me with some very precious gifts.

This is a far of dimes and pennies my kids have been collecting. Their goal is to find 'real' copper pennies and 1965 or older for the dimes. They gave me part of their collection and after I opened it Mary asked if she could count them and I told her yes. So she dumped them out onto the table and I noticed there were dimes in there when I thought there were only pennies. I asked: "Hey are there dimes in there too?"

Oh yes, said Mary. But they're bad ones?

I was confused, Bad ones, what do you mean?

She said, You know bad ones, seriously, she (her sister) put them in there, I'm not kidding mom, seriously, there are bad ones in there!! (meaning 'newer' dimes) I just thought it was so cute and funny. Kids say the funniest things.


The Mayo Family said...

Happy Birthday to you!
How sweet :)
You & my Jess are one day apart :)
Birthday blessings for a special year ahead!

Jennifer said...

Ah, how fun. Happy birthday Tricia.

Cinnamon said...

Happy Birthday! Where is the picture of the birthday girl?

I love the penny idea. We were reading about that a few months ago.

That was funny..."bad ones" ha ha!

Hope you had a wonderful day~


Ruby said...

A very happy birthday to you, Tricia! May the Lord continue to bless you in the year ahead. xo

The Munck Family said...

A late Happy Birthday! !!!

Looks like your kiddos helped you to have a wonderful day...your one blessed Mama!

ccc said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Birthday Blessings! Your family treated you very special and I'm sure that you are so worthy :)

May your year ahead be filled with His plans!

LaSandra said...

Those kids of yours are so sweet! Happy belated birthday Tricia!

Anonymous said...

Thats very funny. I want to let you know I think what your doing with the mommyx12 is great and I'm saving all of them so Bobbie can read them. Keep up the good work and I'm really, really proud of you little sister. Your a great mother and a great writer If I had done half of what you are doing with your kids I'm sure mine would have turned out better.