26 February 2012

I fell short - AGAIN!

Perhaps my tape measure is broken!

I am known for making silly mistakes like this all the time and I have a wonderful husband who never lets me forget about them! I was showing him the dress I was trying "to stretch" and how I fell short in my measurements and right away he thought of the last time I fell short in my measurements! (the wall border) But he is such a good sport, I love when I can make him laugh! Which I did - AGAIN! Any ideas how to fix it without undoing everything?


Ruby said...

How uplifting it is for clutzy people like me when I read stuff like this. I have no idea how to fix it, unless you have scraps of the same type to continue the frill. I know you will get lots of clever answers from the sewers among your readers.
The wall border ooops :-( Friends of ours managed to do that once and she cleverly made the whole end piece some matching colour. Anyone who didn't know would not have realised it wasn't meant to be that way. It was on the end though. Think of it as being individual. I imagine you just have too many hoops spinning at one time to concerntrate on figures!

ccc said...

I am not a sewing person, so I would say just what the previous comment said about adding a scrap material that somewhat matches. Very cute dress though!

mommyx12 said...

Good idea Ruby. I think I will do that. I just am amazed that I do stuff like this constantly!!

The Munck Family said...

Tell her to only walk towards people ... and don't look back;-)
The dress is really cute..and that is something I would have done too, oops!

mommyx12 said...

Haha! I'll keep that in mind! I would live not to have to fix it!