13 January 2012

Multum non multa

NOT many things, but much!

Our 2012 Family Lessons Schedule (this is for the younger kids, the older kids are continuing with ambleside)

Here is our ongoing schedule that really never changes. The only thing that changes would be the books for each subject. I normally teach at least one thing per day and that is outlined in red on the schedule.

At this time we are using the following resources: If I stay focused we should have these complete by September, relax a bit in the fall and hit it big in January 2013. I try to keep going to some degree year round but normally come January we are ready for new material.

Copywork comes from many places. Scripture, their literature books, Latina Christina, Prima Latina, hymns, poems, and quotes from famous men and women.

Math-Saxon for older kids, Rays Classical for younger

Language Arts-Classical Writing Aesop, McGuffey Readers

All literature, picture study, and composer studies which includes living books for all subjects comes exclusively from Ambleside online. Typically we finish the resources around the same time and before I revamp the resources we settle in with a few weeks of Five in a Row. We enjoy using this on our off time during a month or so in the summer and a bit during the early winter.

Memory work-as noted at top of schedule

Lessons I teach each day:

Day 1-Geography-The Latin Centered Curriculum

Day 3-History
Ancient Egypt-As noted in The Latin Centered Curriculum

Day 4-Nature Study and either Picture Study/Composer Study I rotate each week
The Weather Book, Picture Study and composer from Ambleside

Day 5-Classical Studies

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