31 January 2012

January is gone like the wind!

Our January came and went without too many mishaps. We had one planned mishap and a few birthdays. All in all it was a good month, a busy month, and a successful month. There aren't a whole lot of pictures to share since I only have my iphone for a camera but I managed to get a few anyway. And a few I 'stole' from the blogs of my daughter and daughter in law!

Our Miss Robyn had a scheduled surgery for Monday January 30th to take care of an injury on her ankle she received through her dancing. She is not lonely in the least while recuperating in her room since many of her sisters are around to keep her company, strong brothers to carry her downstairs from time to time and a nice little sis to rub her leg in order to try to take her mind of the pain. Daddy is caught here on camera carrying his sweet treasure upstairs to her room!

Besides celebrating the birthdays of our twins in January there were other birthday celebrations going on. This little one turned a year old on January 28th.

And her mama celebrates her birthday on February 1st. (withholding age to protect the innocent!!!!!) Juli is the only birthday we have in our family in Feb. so I thought I'd add her to January since I have this cute photo of her and baby Ambreigh!

This little darling and her mama each had a birthday in January too. Heather on January 3rd. and Gemma January 6th. Miss Gemma shares a birthday with her twin Aunts Kaydee and Emma!


Juli said...

boy, gemma sure is a gem.

Anonymous said...

It feels good to be able to visit and read blogs again :) I cannot believe that January is gone. Whew!

(((hugs))) to your daughter while she is healing.

ccc said...

Great pics! Surgery because of her dancing? What was it? My daughters all dance, what type do your daughters do?