21 January 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

(for the week of Jan. 16)

In my life this week.....We had yet another tea party, (in reality, this time it was a milk party). My girls absolutely love having them. And I enjoy it too. Our little 'teas' offer such precious moments to visit, teach, gab, and just spending sweet time together.

In our homeschool this week....I'd like to share a couple of our commonplace pages!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice....If possible, spend Saturdays preparing food for the week's meals. It is such a blessing to be halfway to dinner when the time comes.

I am inspired by....My daughter Robyn as she patiently works at keeping her mind and heart occupied while waiting for April 14th to roll around when she will marry the man of her dreams. Okay, she does have her sad moments when she misses him tremendously. (Him being way out in Idaho attending college leaves lots of miles between them!)

Places we're going and people we are seeing....Just each other :)

My favorite thing this week was....Finally getting our first real snowfall.

What's working for us/not working for us....Having piano lessons for 5 kids on Tuesday and voice lessons for 4 kids on Mondays. I really need to get them moved to the same day.---
Update-I'm so happy. We did the days changed so they are both on Monday now!

Questions/thoughts I have...Wondering why parents who choose to not continue their parenting responsibilities choose to end the life of their child/children instead of giving them up to a care giver. There are many, many parents in the world that would be more than happy to help them out. It's a win/win situation. Nobody goes to prison, hearts aren't ripped out and the child/children actually has a chance to have a happy future.

Things I'm working on....Or should I say my daughter is working - giving

the kitchen a new coat of paint. (Emma fits on top of the fridge far better than I do)

I'm reading....The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery among several others that I read to the kids each day.

I'm cooking....Or should I say culturing: Nearly everything in my house that is white and comes from a cow!

I'm grateful for....My extremely smart and awesome husband who can bring my kitchen aid back to life after it dies on me! He took the bad parts off, ordered some good parts and repaired if for me. I hardly missed it being away he was so fast!

I'm praying for....Our country. For the mess we are in, for the many people that are jobless, the hope that one day soon our great land will once again have the promised blessings of the Lord.

A photo, or quote to share.

"We destroy the love of learning in children, which is so strong when they are small by encouraging and compelling them to work for petty and contemptible rewards, gold stars, or papers marked with 100 and tacked to the wall, or A's on report cards, or honor rolls, or dean's lists, or Phi Beta Kappa keys, in short, for the ignoble satisfaction of feeling that they are better than someone else." John Holt

A sleeping child being carried off to bed by big brother


Becca said...

I really enjoy these homeschool updates! Thanks for sharing them!

ccc said...

I enjoyed reading all your thoughts. I especially like the pic of the big brother taking sleeping sibling to bed. Isn't that so precious to see?

Mara Wildflower said...

There were so many good and precious thoughts in this post, and therefore, it was enjoyable to read.

I'm impressed with Emma's painting abilities, but I couldn't help but start laughing as I tried to picture you attempting that same pose, ha, ha! :)

Yeah for hubby's who can fix things in a jiffy! Don't you just LOVE that? :)

Amen to the quote by John Holt. Those things he mentioned to not really help children learn to love learning. It only helps them to try to prove they are better than others, but in the end, their minds are still empty with dependent-type thinking.


Jennifer said...

This was an awesome post Tricia. Thanks so much for sharing a peek into your home and school.

Cinnamon said...

I love your Home School Journal. It give a great peek into what your life like.

Where will Robyn be after she is married? Will they be in Idaho? That's so far from you!

I would have never thought to put a child way up there on the fridge. What a creative idea. I like it!

I like your school work. Would you mind reminding me what curriculum that is, again?


Lisa said...

I just found your blog and was thrilled to see that you use the AO curriculum! we are veteran homeschoolers, but this is our first year using the CM approach - and we love it! WE are praying about using AO next year, but every time I look at all the subjects it covers, plus, all the subjects parents are supposed to add, I get completely overwhelmed!!! Our 5 children are 4yrs. - 13 yrs. of age. How can you cover those subjects listed? Any help/tips would be appreciated. And btw, I am your newest follower. :)