20 November 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....WARNING-Don't park any vehicle bike, or toy behind mom's van as you run the risk of it getting ran over. (Mom has the habit of ONLY watching for children, not things as she backs out) And if you choose NOT to head this warning then please remind mom about the tree in the yard as she is backing out, she just might not see it because she is watching the truck (someone parked there when warned not to!) and probably won't give the tree a thought! Until.......

In our homeschool this week.... we completed Five in a Row's Papa Piccolo about 2 kittens who had no home until 'adopted' by Papa Piccolo. Going along with that we learned all about Italy, a little on Maro Polo, visited a homeschool shelter where we had fun baking up treats to take along, and visited youtube where we took a gondola ride down the 'streets' of Venice.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share.....Make sure that while you are teaching, nurturing, mothering, disciplining, educating, training, or whatever you may call it, to take in the moments you are sharing life with your children!

I am inspired by....my wonderful mother-in-law who shares her wisdom and advice with me.

Places we are going and people we are seeing...staying home and looking forward to a fun week reading Five in a Row's Cranberry Thanksgiving, cooking and baking with my kids as we look forward to a few days with my sister from Iowa. (Cinnamon, you should totally follow her up here too, we'd love to see you!)

My favorite thing this week was....Having one of my little girls look at the escalator in the mall and saying, "Hey look, there's a ride in the middle of the store, mom, can we go on it too, those other people are?" (The truth is out, I rarely get out of the house, and obviously, neither do my children!)

What's working/or not working for us....The weekly menu we've written up. We keep forgetting about it and continue to just 'wing' our dinner. What is working is the Subway nearby that tends to save me on my weakest days!

Questions/thoughts I have...Not so much my question but my husband's. "You mean you backed into the tree in OUR yard? I thought you were talking about when you were at piano lessons and you backed into their tree. But it was OUR tree. Did you forget it was there?"

Things I'm working on....In our homeschool I am preparing our Memoria Press Classical Studies lessons after finishing our current Five in a Row book. In our family we are keeping busy with the winterizing of our home as we prepare for another Wisconsin winter.

I'm reading....Cookbooks with my daughters as they choose their favorite recipes, share them with me, and then copy into their own cookbooks they are making.

I'm cooking....Frozen pizza for dinner today since it has long been our Sunday choice for a quick and easy meal after church! (Newman's Own Pepperoni is the best!)

I'm grateful for....My children, and for being able to spend each and everyday with them and the opportunity I have been blessed to watch them grow and learn.

I'm praying for....My children. That the Lord would always been in their lives leading them, directing them, blessing them, and giving them peace.

Favorite photo(s) to share....To pose, or not to pose, is the question!


The Mayo Family said...

Hi Tricia,
Great post & nice sharing! :)
I do have a lil-message....please
if Cinnamon comes you let me know & we "WILL" have a get together! :)
How fun!
We as well have been to her home & how nice that would be!
(are you reading this Cinnamon?)
Do tell I think as we mature it's our depth perception... ;)
Blessinbg & have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope that you will share your row of Papa Piccolo. Looks like someone had a toy ran over...tough lessons in life :(

Great family photos!

Jennifer said...

I love reading these posts. Thanks for sharing your week with us. Sorry about the van and tree!!

Cinnamon said...

What fun pictures of your kiddos. I love them all. Especially the silly ones :-)

Hmmmm.....have your sis honk as she is going by and we'll follow her up ;-)

I am going to have to tell John about the escalator! Funny!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your homeschooling week. Sorry to hear about your van troubles, ugh! That's why I drive a small car. If I drove a bigger vehicle like a van, I would probably have similar problems, since my depth perception has never been the greatest. :(

The photographs are too funny! It seems that your family has much fun when they are "posing" for the camera. :)

Sara said...

Beautiful family! Great tip!

Continued blessings on your homeschooling journey!

Ruby said...

Definately not to pose!!! Love those pics.