21 August 2011

A peek at our week!

Taking my camera in hand I......

captured 5 happy girls on the slide

enjoyed some shooting time with my boys

caught the serious looks of a daughter

quietly watching sisters enjoying one another

daughter Robyn bringing some cheer to the front porch

nine children patiently awaiting dinner outdoors

a sleeping child on the sofa

little brother giving big sister a piggy back ride

and an awesome moment with my love


dlpower said...

This post brings me so much joy. I am glad Robyn got to come home and enjoy some time with her family. I can't wait to have her back out this direction though. I love your family. You all look great.

Ruby said...

A lot of really good photos there, Trisha. The ones on the slide are particularly effective.

Jennifer said...

What an awesome week for your family. I love all the photos.

The Munck Family said...

What a fun week, looks like filled with love and special times shared! family isn't it the second best gift God gave us?!?

Hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend!

busymomof10 said...

Awesome photos! Love the water slide ones! Love your precious family!! Can I come be one of your children and enjoy all the fun????

Erika Shupe said...

Love to see what you see as you follow your family around. I'm longing to know, what were your days like when your oldest was about 13??? Feels like there are so many little people - precious people - but so much training to be done and not nearly as much "fruit" as I was hoping to have by now... =/ =)