04 July 2011

A reminder to self~~

There are little feet that follow, in my footsteps everyday,
Their little voices echo, so much of what I say.
Sometimes, I'm not too happy, with all the things I see.
Then I begin to realize, that they're imitating me.

My patience seems to falter, and I speak with too much haste -
'Til I hear the Saviour speaking, when I look into each face.
Oh God, please grant me wisdom as I train each little one,
Help me set a good example as You yourself have done.

I would not ask for riches, or that they famous be.
But may each find Christ as Saviour, and live each day for Thee. ~ Quiet Reflections for Mothers


Jennifer said...

This is precious. I need these reminders.

Suanna said...

This poem is so true! Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I needed this reminder, too! Thanks for sharing this encouragement.

Marla Grace said...

Beautiful! So very true!!! I just found your blog. I am a Mommy of six. I have been lifted up by your blog. I am a new follower:) Beautiful family! God bless!! Marla