03 June 2011

Pie filling + laundry = a mess!

When you live with children you find that almost anything is possible. But sometimes you do get surprises. Not often, but once in a while something happens that actually ISN'T the norm. Like taking out a load of clothes from the dryer only to find that at some point a jar of homemade cherry pie filling somehow found it's way amongst the clothes and went for an hour long ride inside the dryer. Thankfully, the jar didn't bust but what was left after the lid popped off wasn't a pretty sight. And silly me, I thought all that noise was just my dryer about to break down. I did look inside but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary going on so I thought I would just let it keep banging and knocking until the end of it's life came!! HOW DO THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN? I understand completely if you can't come up with an answer because we couldn't figure one out either!!!!


blessedmom's simple home said...

I've had some strange things show up in the laundry, but usually they're small and gooey. I've never seen anything this big before. I can imagine it made such a mess. We think we check pockets around here, but things still get in there. How does that happen? I'm just not sure:)

Anonymous said...

You are are lucky that the jar did not break inside the dryer. Otherwise, you would have had quite a nasty mess on your hands!

I've heard "loud noises" coming from my dryer as well, thinking it was just the dryer being tempermental. Then, when I take the clothes out, I discover some kind of ball point pen, loose change, or some small hard object that somehow "came along for the ride" during the drying.

However, an entire jar? That must have made a lot of noise. Next time you hear loud noises like that coming from your dryer, I bet you'll look next time. Tee hee. :)

-L. Rose

mommyx12 said...

Oh yes, you can bet I'll spend a lot more time inside that beast trying to figure it out. Let's just hope there isn't a next time!!

The Munck Family said...

Life is never dull, is it?!?

I too over the years found some interesting items in my washer and dryer, but your find Wow, wins the prize! Hope you were able to get it all out of the dryer and the clothes.

Christa said...

Oh, thank you for the laugh! This was my favorite part:

"...so I thought I would just let it keep banging and knocking until the end of it's life came!! HOW DO THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN?"

Some days, we moms just need to read something like this!


Becca said...

OMGoodness, Tricia -- that is hilarious! So nobody knows HOW a jar of cherry pie filling ended up in the dryer!???!?!?!?!?

I can only imagine how LOUD that banging was! Thanks for laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki said...

That is so stinking funny! ONly because it happens to me all the time! My toddlers (2 and 4) are fascinated with my washer and are tossing things in there all the time.

dggp said...

Oh big bummer.

busymomof10 said...

Oh wow! I can not believe that went through the dryer!!!!!!! what a mess!