24 June 2011

Why does your bedroom door get yanked off it's hinges at midnight?

A. Because you are remodeling and want to replace it.
B. Because you are painting a room or refinishing the door.
C. Because you are stuck in the room with 5 kids and and you can't get out.
D. I had too much sugar and flew into a rage!

If you picked C you would be right! Daddy and the boys were gone overnight and so of course that leaves 5 little girls who want to bunk up with mama. At times our old farmhouse has its moments where things stop working. A few days ago the door locked up and we couldn't shut it all the way for fear we couldn't open it. So daddy said DO NOT shut this door all the way because you won't get open. I'll fix it this weekend. When I heard that I KNEW without doubt we wouldn't make it to the weekend. I mean I have kids, it's gonna happen. It only takes one child not being watched to pull it off and sure enough whilst they were ALL in my room making their beds on the floor we heard a loud slam. I turned around in shock only to have the innocent guilty child tell me, "What, I had to slam it because it wouldn't shut." We were officially stuck and several children whining to use the bathroom. The window is not an option being on the 2nd floor so I searched my room for something to pry the door off it's hinges. Hinges by the way that I'm sure haven't been moved in 100 years. But after lots of pounding and pulling I was able to yank it from it's 'claws' and it and I came crashing to the floor. Nothing like a midnight adventure!!


Karen said...

Too funny! Life is always an adventure, isn't it?!

Michelle G said...

Yup! As soon as he said "don't shut it" you had to KNOW it would happen :) lol
Never dull huh?!

Pam... said...

Oh my! Ok, lets thank the Lord that 1. there was no fire
2. you got it open and did not have to make your room into a potty
3. you taught your girls some basic skills they will always remember
4. that YOU were in there so you could do that
5. that you didn't have dinner burning in the other room
lol! Thanks God!!

Jennifer said...

And of course daddy is away. That's when things happen!


An Ordinary Woman said...

Well, at least you were able to get out. You sure do have A LOT of adventures at your house, don't you? :)

Since you knew you would "get stuck," you should have brought your toolbox into the room with you. You'll know for next time, ha, ha! :)


-An Ordinary Woman

mommyx12 said...

You are so right. I should have been prepared because I wasn't at all surprised it happened. Just bummed out!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you were all okay. I'm not sure that I would have been so resourceful.

The Mayo Family said...

Oh you make me chuckle....
That is so "the way it is"!
You a good Momma...:) very relaxed!
I am coming for lessons! lol!

Cinnamon said...

Oh that is soo funny! I loved the reaction of the little door slammer, "What!" ...such innocence :-0
Too cute!


Becca said...

Why does this not surprise me? Y'all just crack me up! You did tell Vance that you did half his work for him, right?

momoflots said...

An adventure the girls will always remember!!! (Remember the time we got stuck in the bedroom and mama had to take apart the door and they both fell out of the bedroom together hahahahahaha) Those kinds of memories make family getherings fun in the future!!!

P.S. We've had door knobs stop working too and kids get stuck on the wrong side with conclusions that involve climbing through windows or screwdrivers and lots of prying and our house isn't even close to 100 years old!!!