19 June 2011

A generational vision

Grandpa Vance & Elaine

May ever soul that touches mine---
Be it the slightest contact---Get there from some good,

Some little grace, some kindly thought,
One inspiration yet unfelt, one bit of courage
For the darkening sky, the gleam of faith
To brave the thickening ills of life,
One glimpse of brighter skies beyond the gathering mists
To make this life worth while and heaven a surer heritage.

This does not mean that we should be officious and obtrusive in pressing our help upon those we meet. There is a story of one whose prayer was that he might be permitted to do a great deal of good without even knowing it. That is the best helpfulness which flows out of the heart and life as light from a star, as fragrance from a flower. Love works most effectively when it works unconsciously, almost instinctively, inspired from within. Then it bestows its blessing or does its good obtrusively."

J. R. Miller

On this Father's Day I honor those around me whom I see blessing the lives of others as stated above. My own father who left this life several years ago quietly, gently, and unobtrusively blessed my life. (pictured on left) My son in law and my son are doing the same for their little families. But I think I haven't come to appreciate the fruits of their labors until recent years when maturity sets in my spirit and I can see with my eyes and hearts the blessings passed down from one

generation to another. My own husband is a piece of work from what I call a 'generational vision.' I am reaping the blessings of generations of Godly husbands and fathers. While I didn't know my husband's grandfathers I do know his father. (pictured right with his family) The words spoken above from J. R. Miller quite explains my thoughts when it comes to the influence my husband has been under all his life. I thank my father-in-law (and of course his lovely wife) for bringing up such a fine man as my husband. It is my prayer that this vision will continue to be passed down from generation to generation in the future. Happy Father's Day to the father's I love and to all fathers!

Daddy Vance, Vance Jr. and son-in-law Kelly


Jennifer said...

What a precious post. Happy Father's Day to all your loved ones.

Pam... said...

Very nice post; and thanks, sis, for commenting today at my blog. I wish we lived closer. You are such an inspiration to me always. God bless.

momoflots said...

Handed down from generation to generation - God's wordd never goes out of date!! My family also has benefitted from Godly men sharing God's goodness to their children and grandchildren!! A great heritage to be sure!!


blessedmom's simple home said...

What a wonderful tribute to the men in your family :)

The Mayo Family said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your busy life. I love the pictures of everyone. Such happiness.