18 April 2011

Treasures of the Heart

I tiptoe past the bedrooms
And try to hold my breath
When suddenly a shadow
Scares me half to death
It's just a little angel
Appearing in the hall
So much for time alone, she's more
Important after all.

Sometimes I'm such a failure
As a mother and a wife
I often get impatient
And frustrated with my life
I don't live in a mansion
My clothes are not so fine
But I can live without them
As long as these are mine.

Little cherub kisses,
'Mommy, I love you!'
Snuggles in the morning
And look what I can do
May every precious moment
Forever leave its mark
I'll never take for granted
These treasures of my heart.~Linda Long

So some things ever touch your heart more than others? A story you hear, a poem you've read, a passing thought, a comment someone may make. For me, when I come across something that strikes me I like to write it down. And by doing so it oftimes becomes written on my heart popping into my mind at times when I need to remember it most. This is one of those 'things' that I was touched by.


Jennifer said...

I love this poem. One of my favorites.

Pam... said...

Very sweet.
By the way, I was stalking your twin labels. Always wished for twins.
Now I am wondering if we are all done. Twins would be a nice way to wrap things up! Or one. Or....
Just contentment.

Niki said...

I really like this! A beautiful poem that definitely touches a mother's heart.

dggp said...

Life is busy and I haven't even had a chance to check out my favorite blog!!! I love the picture of the girls. Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Awwe! Thanks for sharing. It touched me too. It is the same with me. Writing it down always helps me remember.

God bless,

Mrs. Angulo

Kim said...

touching...thanks for sharing! :0)

Thanks again for the sweet commnet on my blog...menas a lot. God has been faithful and good to us!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

May we all cherish the moments that ours~ for they will soon be memories!
Have a wonderful day!

Cinnamon said...

That is beautiful and so true!! Thank you for sharing your heart.