06 April 2011

Wonderful Wednesday~I LOVE a good deal

And this one, while small in it's own way, is great enough for me to blog about! For a couple of months I've been checking Scheel's to see when, or if the Sherpani bags will go on sale. No such luck. I've had my eye on this particular one for some time but will NOT pay 40.00 bucks for it. Who would have thought that I would find exactly what I was looking for at a thrift store. I love shopping at thrift stores and have never ran across exactly what I'm looking for and as far as that goes, something I've been looking for lately. This Sherpani bag looks like it's NEVER been used and I paid a whole .99 for it. How cool is that?


Jennifer said...

Way to go!

Kim said...

Great! Feels good to get a bargain!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh I am celebrating with you. I think that was a $39.00 earnings send down from above. I too~ love to go "junkin" as Hannah and I call it!

Heather said...

I LOVE a great deal! I only wish there were thrifty stores near me.

The Pauls' Family said...

That's great! So happy for you.

Sometimes I wonder how someone didn't see the item that is in such good shape for such an inexpensive price, then I have to wonder if it was 'saved' for me :)