15 March 2011

"I'm not writing about a conspiracy."

"Conspiracies deal with what is done in secret." Quoting J0hn A. Stormer from his book None Dare Call It Education. This book is not new to my library as I've read through it before but just recently my dear sister in law Mary reminded me what the 'education reformers' are up to and how their plans are openly revealed in pages of documents available to anyone who cares enough to search out their agenda. John Stormer has done just that and documented what he has found in this book.

He starts out with: The education "reformers" who have made America's school's the primary agency for changing our culture and our way of life wrote spoke openly about their dreams and their goals. The tragedy is that for far too long no one noticed-or no one took their words seriously. Now we are reaping the harvest in a serious academic decline and a changed national culture. A changed way of living. It is time to look deeply into their goals to see how they are achieving them in the lives of our children.

Without a knowledge of what they planned, it is impossible to understand how American society and it's culture have been transformed-or where we are headed. What those "pioneer" reformers started planning for our children and our nation over 65 years ago, their present day successors in education and government are implementing now.

In this book you will learn things like: "We no longer see the teaching of facts and information as the primary function of education...Building a new kind of people must be part of the curriculum."

What kind of "new people" do these educators have in mind? Representative Henry Hyde is chairman of the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. In a letter to his congressional colleagues he said: "Behavior modification is a significant part of restructuring our schools. Children will be trained to be "politically correct," to be unbiased, to understand diversity, to accept "alternative lifestyles..."~~~~"In short-"The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of the students." Or the way I see it, "To be socialized according to the standards of our current culture. No thanks, I've seen the village and I want no part of it!!

If you think the quotes I've left here are even a tiny bit scary, then I promise you, upon reading this little book entirely it will knock your socks off. Every piece of information will direct you to the person, the documents, etc. of each and every plan that has been set in motion by the education reformers of this nation. And the funny this is, is that it is not done in secret places but right before our eyes. Either we as a nation are sleeping, hiding our heads in the sand, or whatever, there is no excuse in the American people allowing such plans and reformations to be exacted out on our children; in turn affecting the sacredness of our homes, our churches, and our nations.


Kate said...

Very Scary!

Jennifer said...

Very sobering. I have this book. I think its time to crack it open again. I think parents just need to ask questions. Even if they only ask their children about their school day because the biggest problem is that parents just aren't in the know, and mainly because they simply don't ask!!!! Truly a wake up call to parents in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This definately sounds like a good book to read.


Conny said...

Was browsing your blog - and came across this! Dr. Stormer is a dear friend of our church & our pastor!! He's elderly now - but still gets around to speak, even though he is no longer the "chaplain" of our state's (Missouri) senate. He visited our church recently - and is even comtemplating moving here (oh, how I'd love that!!).
He recently wrote his testimony in book form "Something Was Missing". It is available from Liberty Press in Florissant, MO.