23 February 2011

Announcing the Pendragon winner

I want to thank you all for entering this give away and I only wish I had one for each of you.  But alas, I have to settle with just one winner and that would be Diane from Cabin in the Woods. Congratulations Diane.  You can send your contact information to vpsmith14@yahoo.com


Cinnamon said...

Congratulations to Diane~

Hey can you shoot me your address please. I seem to keep losing it :-)


Anonymous said...

You mean I didn't win? Oh, Phooey! :) I'm sure Diane will enjoy her new movie! :)

Btw Trica, how is your new grandbaby doing? Is she still as precious as ever? :)

-Lady Rose

mommyx12 said...

Oh yes. Those babies never get old or boring. She's a peach. Thanks for asking.

mommyx12 said...
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Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Congratulations to Diane. I'm sure her family is going to love the movie.

Diane said...

Looking so forward to getting this in the mail and watching it with the family. Again, thanks so much for doing this.