02 December 2010

My determined 4 year old

If you are not in the mood to bake cupcakes then don't read this blog post from Karen while having your 4 year old sitting at your side!! Because there will be no rest for you until you whip up a batch of them with your little one at your side! And since it's nearly Christmas you have to icing them green and red. (her idea!) But plain green has to work since the red was all gone! Somehow I don't think it mattered though.

I think the pan would have been full but I couldn't keep up with the kids. Every time I got icing on one and sat it down it disappeared.

Sure made Mary's day!


Mrs. Stam said...

I bet our little 31/2 year old would love making some today!!!

Cinnamon said...

Now I want one :-) Think she can come over and bake some up there? hee hee


Cinnamon said...

ooppss I mean can she come HERE and bake some :-)


mommyx12 said...

Sure Cinnamon, she can go there and bake some here!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

She's so cute! Lol, your family is bigger than mine, and we can't keep these around either. They disappear just as soon as they're out of the oven. Cookies are the same way. You'd better get them while they're warm, because if you go back later, chances are there won't be any left :-)

dggp said...

Wanna share? I'll be right over.