09 December 2010

Home Alone!

Cameras do more than just take photos and videos. They also show mom and dad what has been going on when we are away from. I feel so honored that they decided to share their life threatening activities with me!

The guys' weight room has all kinds of fun things to hang on!

I'm only thankful Mary survived her balancing act!

(video created by Emma)
Aaron on the other hand didn't balance so well as this video shows. Kaydee is taping Emma singing her song while at the same time the boys were acting up in the background! However, I don't think they intended for the camera to catch their 'unbalancing' act! I assume he wasn't hurt too badly because at the end Emma continues her act while brother Gregg gets up and walks out of the room leaving Aaron on the ground alone. (No, he said he didn't hurt himself at all, that he was lying there laughing at himself. What a great sport.)


A Homemaker's Heart said...

Too funny! I'm glad that nobody was hurt while making this fun post...hehe!

Pam said...

Too funny.

Laura said...

Love the song with the video. How did you do that?

Mrs. Stam said...

LOVE it! So i'm not the one mom that have kids who are daring to do anything LOL My 3 1/2 years old is not afraid of anything and never was LOL

mommyx12 said...

My daughter Emma made the video. I believe it goes like this. First load the video onto computer, next, create a movie, we use idvd on our mac. When the movies been created you can edit it. She turned off the volume to the actual video, then she uploaded a song out of itunes and added it to the edits she was doing. I don't know much about it but I assume it's easy enough. She's been doing for a year or two and she's only 12. I wouldn't have a clue though how to do it on a computer other than a mac.

Lady Rose said...

The bar that some of your children are hanging from looks like it's on the ceiling! How did they manage to get up there? LOL

I think Mary's balancing act is pretty good. I couldn't do that.

I like the video. Too funny! :)


-Lady Rose

Kim said...

I LOVE this!! Too funny and REAL! My house is the same way! Gotta' have fun!

OurLilFullFam said...

Wow! Looks like fun for them, fear for mom! Glad they are okay and had fun!!


dggp said...

This is great. Glad he didn't get hurt!