17 December 2010

101 Reasons as to why I homeschool

Reason 88

"Retarded? Disturbed? Attention deficit? When I read those weak excuses for the schools' failure, I have a definite belief deficit!"~Donn Reed

Reason 89

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike rather than those who think differently."~Friedrich Nietzsche

Reason 90

"Bless me, what "DO" they teach them at these schools?"~C. S. Lewis

Reason 91

"Education is the period between which you are being instructed by somebody you do not know, about something you do not want to know."~G.K. Chesterton

Reason 92

"We no longer see the teaching of facts and information as the primary function of education."~Dr. Shirley McCune 1989 Kansas Governor's Conference

No small part of the reason why American school children fall so far behind their contemporaries in other countries in educational achievement is that Japanese and other young people are studying math, science and other solid subjects while our children are being brainwashed about homosexuality, environmentalism, multiculturalism or a thousand other non academic distractions.

Few parents or citizens realize the pervasiveness of classroom brainwashing, or the utter dishonesty with which it is smuggles into the schools under misleading labels.

Does anyone ask himself why it should take years and years to teach school children so-called "sex education?" Obviously it does not. What takes years and years is to wear down the values they were taught at home and lead them toward wholly different attitudes and wholly different conceptions of the world. Brainwashing takes time-and it takes this time away from academic subjects.~Thomas Sowell, Washington Times

"Theoretically a society could be completely made over in something like 15 years, the time it takes to inculcate a new culture into a rising crop of youngsters."~ 83rd. Congress 1954


Mrs. Stam said...

great post, love the last few points!!

dggp said...

That last one. So, so true. You can see it in the makings right now in our culture. I'm enjoying this series you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Great quotes. I particually liked number 91.

I used to work for the public school system for several years. In my last public school position, I was an Instructional Assistant. I had a female student tell me, "You know, if I had school my way, I would start at 2:00 p.m., and then leave at 2:05 p.m." (this was during the time I was learning more about homeschooling) I laughed heartily and said, "Well, what would be the point of that? Why bother coming at all?" She said, "Exactly!" Ha! :)

Incidentally, "They" (the staff members) didn't like me much at my last job because I didn't play into their "public school mind games." I'm so glad to be free of ALL THAT now . . .just thought I would share that with you. :)


-Lady Rose

Anonymous said...

Another great post. I agree. Again!