07 November 2010

Some causes of gray hair....

At least for me anyway. Just this week alone.....

1. I found my toothbrush on the book shelf in the boys' room. Yuck! Who knows what sort of creatures have been on those shelves!

2. Somehow one of my laundry helpers thought that daddy's exercise clothes were clean and put them in his closet. A very small closet. It's amazing what can happen to the atmosphere in closed spaces after only a few hours.

3. I found my bra in the toilet after searching high and low for it! This one is anybody's guess.

4. Sometimes we will sit the full grocery sack of pantry items in our pantry. Assuming with a quick glance that there are no freezer or refrigerator items in it. Oops! Bought the roast last Saturday and wondered why I couldn't find it in the freezer. My roast was toast by the time I found it! It is said that 'many hands make light work.' Not necessarily true when putting away groceries.

5.  This event is a sure fire way to give anyone gray hair!!  Especially when there is a river flowing behind your house!  Our youngest child "went missing" earlier today. We had everyone frantically looking and calling (loudly) her name both inside and out! Panic is setting in and I'm about to go ballistic when all of a sudden here she comes. Strutting up to the door without a care in the world wearing  protective ear gear that we use on the gun range. Looking at us like, "What's wrong with you guys?"  I guess I can't blame her for not answering since she couldn't hear us with her ears covered!  Who would have thought? 

How about you?  What causes your hair to gray?

With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love.~Ephesians 4:2


dggp said...

No way. In the toilet? That is funny. Number 5 would cause a heart attack in me. Not just gray hair!

Mrs. Trixi said...

Oh, my is about all I can say. I can fully see the roast thing happening here. I have had #5 happen and it is heart stopping.
I hope this next week gives you less gray hairs!!! Ha Ha

Pam said...

How scary...about not finding your daughter, that is. Well, I suppose many of the things you mentioned could be considered scary!
Question. I am thinking of trying a little re-vamp on the homeschool routine. Thinking about using your idea with the popsicle sticks, but I was wondering something. If they have reading, lets say, how long do they read? Because some of my kids will claim to be done in five minutes! Do they have a reading schedule to follow also, or just a certain amount of time to read?

Karies place said...

All I can say is I agree with what dggp said above. Not sure grey hairs but heart attack. My 2 girls have done this to me several times and each time they weren't aware they did wrong. Thankfully it hasn't happened in awhile.

Ruby said...

I've had the roast thing happen, but left in the car :-(
I've had the calling for the lost child (5years old at the time) searching high and low, about to call the police. No nearby water thank goodness. Littlie crawls out from under a bed where she had been snoozing, oblivious to the panick in the household!
I think my grey hair is a crown ~ yours to my dear!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes - gray hair moments??

1. My youngest daughter came running through our pasture one day, screaming her head off. I remember all of this in slow motion; I thought she was dying. She had ripped open her ankle on some barbed wire and was bleeding very badly. Had to go to Children's Hospital to get it stiched up, and receive a Tetnus shot.

2. My oldest daughter stepped on a nail - went all the way into her foot, and my husband had to PULL IT OUT. Another trip to Children's Hospital, where they had to squirt salt water into her open wound REPEATEDLY, while she is sitting there white as a ghost, begging them to stop because it hurt so badly. Also had to get a Tetnus shot.

Now, the next 3 events is when I really NOTICED my gray hair! They all happened within the space of 6 mths.

3. My 3 year old son got kicked in the face by a young colt. It was so bad my husband would not allow me to come to the hospital until he got into surgery. They had to put a plate in his face (this is the cheek area), stitch up a small cut at the outer corner of his eye, and his main scar looks like a turkey foot. I could go into lots of detail with this one, but let's just say this was by far the worst of all I am listing. He could have been blinded, had brain damage, or been killed. Very emotional time for our whole family. We will be paying Children's Hospital 'till the day that the Lord comes.

4. My youngest daughter was jumping up on her horse bareback, must have kicked him in the ribs, he took off running and bucking, she fell off and hit her head, knocking her out and giving her a very bad concussion. My oldest daughter, my son, and I were in our swimming pool and watched the entire thing. When she landed and didn't move when I screamed at her, I took off. By the time I reached her she was having seizures. I screamed for my oldest to call 911, and get my son out of the pool. Ambulance came, 3 day stay at the hospital, big bills.

5. My middle daughter also fell off her horse on the road while riding with my husband and youngest daughter. She also landed on her head and got a concussion. Took her to the hospital, didn't have to stay. Another big bill.

I now remember that my oldest daughter was thrown from her horse in the round pen, landing ON THE RAILS. I was watching from the window. She ended up just being badly shaken up and sore, thank God. Needless to say, I was getting very nervous for my girls to get on another horse...

Gray hairs?? Oh yeah! But God was with us everytime. :)

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Hehehe! Thanks for the laugh. I am only 26 an I think my hair is gonna grey quick!!!! I know my kids have shaved many years off my life!!! :) Oh but we wouldnt trade them!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, you won't get too many more surprises this week so that you can keep your gray hair count to a minimum. :)


-Lady Rose

momoflots said...

All your causes of grey hair made me laugh - except for the last one (well maybe a chuckle as I envisioned her with big old headphones on looking like you all were nuts :0)!!) But I am so glad that my home is not the only one who has crazy grey hair moments!!! I am currently getting grey hair just watching my house sorta look like a bachelor pad while I deal with lots of morning sickness!!!


Ritsumei said...

That sounds like a DAY! Monkey loves his hearing protection too. Not a pleasant feeling, looking for a little one like that. Hope tomorrow is much better for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh so very true. I'm certain it is things like this that have caused mine too!