30 November 2010

IRR-Internal Road Rage

IRR, this is what happens to me when I approach one of those Round About deals in the road. I'm not sure why I can't wrap my brain around them.  There are a few things that tend to throw me off.  Like for some reason, I have it in my head that when I want to go down the road to the left of me I should turn left. Right?  No, I have to reroute my brain to the new idea that left means go right,  then straight, then right, all to just wanting to go left!!  How does anyone come up with an idea like this? I've decided that there are people out there with way too much time on their hands. Or, and this is much too painful to accept; that it's just me and my elevator doesn't go all the way up!  My husband says it's just me, but I refuse to accept that!  Where I come from, left is left, right is right, and straight is straight.  Maybe it's just a case of Dumb and Dumber!  Hmm, I wonder which one that makes me?


momoflots said...

I agree - they are not easy for me either!! And it seems like I'm the only one who yields too - all the other cars in my area just shoot out into the roundabout -whether or not I'm there - scary!! They (whoever they are!!) are sure putting these silly things in all over the place too!!! Hope your day is wonderful!!


Mrs. Stam said...

I HATE those things too!!!

dggp said...

Dumb and dumber. I agree. It's one of those. I too can't seem to figure them out. And while I understand how to navigate them, I have yet come to understand the whys of them.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually post on here but I just had to post on this one. I living in Naples, Italy because my husband is military and those roundabouts are all over here too. I think when we go back stateside this summer I will have forgotten how to turn left! I was reading one of the other comments that said they always wait until the roundabout is clear. You cannot do that here in Italy or you will get rear ended. You just inch your way in where you can the traffice doesn't ever seem to stop.
Sarah Lownsbery