29 September 2010

Baby Vance-A 24 hour portfolio

He pretty much has been sedated since the surgery yesterday. When I spoke with my husband this evening he said the baby was in quite a bit of pain. So the doctors ended up giving him morphine. He said it was so terribly sad as the baby's face kept wincing up in pain but he couldn't really cry because of the tape around his mouth and the tubes in his throat. My heart goes out to him. If you all would please continue to pray for his well being and also that his pain can be relieved we would be so appreciative. On a lighter note, the doctor is well pleased with the surgery and believes that he won't have to have more surgeries later on. We are elated with this news because before this most recent surgery he thought he would have to have more. What a wonderful blessing this is and we are extremely thankful for it.

Heather with baby Vance.

Heather, grandpa Vance and baby Vance

Baby Vance, Heather, son Vance and daddy Vance. I just love all these Vance's!

I was told that he now has the tube out of his throat. Hopefully that will bring him great relief.

Father and son passing the time together in the waiting room.

I wonder who's head dropped first!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

It looks like little Gemma couldn't hold out any longer either!

Grandpa sharing his drink with Gemma. (Hope her hands are clean!!)

And my favorite....grandpa and Gemma snuggling!

Grandpa Vance cuddling baby Vance the night before his surgery.

AH, it doesn't get better than this!

There can't be anything better than to have two grandpa's in the same place and the same time. I'm sure Gemma is loving it. Here is Heather's father holding Gemma and the other guy belongs to me!! Heather's mom and dad came over from Utah for the week too. I'm so thankful Vance and Heather didn't have to weather this week alone. I love family! I only wish I could have been there too. But at least I have almost instant photos of all that is happening. Internet is a wonderful thing!


Ruby said...

So heartbreaking to see the little guy like that (I've sat beside such a crib) but so heartening to see those gorgeous family pics.
What about baby Vance before the surgery? He is gorgeous. Continuing to pray for you all as you come to mind and thanks so much for the updates.

Karies place said...

It's been awhile since I've posted or read blogs. But my prayers are with you and your family. Poor little guys all drugged up to keep him asleep. So hard on mommy and daddy. Hugs to you all!


knittykneighbour said...

Please know that we are praying for baby Vance here in Virginia. Dear Lord, please give this family strength and peace. Send your angles to minister to Baby Vance that they might deliver relief from pain.

Brittney said...

Those photos brought tears to my eyes! So glad to hear the surgery was a success! Praise God! Will continue to pray for a smooth recovery that is pain free!

Susan said...

Keeping Baby Vance in my prayers...May his pain be relieved as he continues to heal...I am so happy that the surgery went well...Praise the Lord! That's wonderful, wonderful news!

Emily said...

Oh my heart breaks. I know a little of what they are going through. My youngest spent 11 days in the NICU after his birth. Horrible horrible horrible days. But God brought me through the darkest days and our relationship has strengthen and grown so much. I wouldn't trade those times with Him for anything. I am grateful that it wasn't God's will to take my son at that time but I know even if He had He would have seen me through. I can say that now where as before I couldn't have. Your family is in our prayers.

You are very blessed (as I am sure you know). I pray that maybe one day I will be able to say I am a mommy X a big number. : )

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm praying for Baby Vance, and for his parents Vance and Heather too. My heart goes out to all of you. It was wonderful to read that the doctor thinks he won't need more surgeries. What a praise!

Pam said...

Wow. How hard to go through. Praising God though, that it is done and all is going to be well. Great pictures.

momoflots said...

Praying for Baby Vance - that his pain would be relieved!!! I'm also praying for his mama and daddy - this must be so hard for them!! I bet Heather is just itching to snuggle him up!!! Everyday will be better for all of them I'm sure!!! Keeping you in my prayers also - being far away from it all and being separated from your hubby!!


OurLilFullFam said...

Praying that the pain is relieved and he can rest comfortably.

I am glad to hear no more surgeries for him. I am sure it is so hard not to be there, but I am glad that your husband got to go! We know God has heard these prayers for baby Vance and family!!


Cinnamon said...

Oh Tricia~ my heart just broke when I read your sweet little grand baby boy was in pain :-(

"Lord please send comfort and healing to little Baby Vance. May his life be touched by YOU and your blessings be upon his family. In Jesus name, amen~"

Thank you for keeping us updated. I've been thinking about him these past few days~


LLJ said...

Oh sweet baby! I am so thankful with you that the surgery went well! I hope he is healing well and not in pain now!


Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

I am so glad they had their dads there supporting them. that's so awesome!

Praying for the pain to cease and full recovery be made in Jesus name!!

Chris xoxo

Lorel said...

I know that our Heavenly Father has blessed little Vance and his mother. She is a much stronger woman for what she has had to endure silently within her heart. The doctors were great but his mother is the best.

Lorel said...

To watch them sleep was entertaining. Vance fell asleep first, his dad was not far behind but they rejuvinated themselves with a good 8 mile run while Heather waited for her baby to come out of surgery.

Amanda said...

What a blessing for Heather and Vance to have such supportive family be with them during the operation. Even though you couldn't be there, your prayers for your grandson would have made every difference too...

Such a beautiful family you have Tricia...

busymomof10 said...

Precious pictures!!! Made me cry! We would never desire to walk these difficult paths, and yet, they bring us closer together as families. So glad that the surgery went well! So thankful your husband could be there!!!