21 August 2010

A narration from The Lion in the Box

Here are the drawn and written narrations my daughter did from our reading of The Lion in the Box by Marguerite De Angeli. It was such a fun book. All my little girls loved it.

Narration is retelling. It is not memorization or parroting. It includes feelings and reactions. It is not word for word, but point to point. It is a type of essay response to a broad open-ended questioning, a recall of information. In the strictest sense, narration is an immediate recall of information seen, read, or heard. in a more liberal sense, it is often used as a quest for information that has been seen, read, or heard after a period of time in the form of exams or evaluation of a child's knowledge on a particular subject. But even in the latter sense, the work of oral narration must have gone on before in order that the child retain the knowledge in question. Maryellen St. Cyr

And all of this of course leads us to the idea that the child be attentive. Charlotte Mason said,
"When the mind has not attended or had the leisure to do the work of the mind, only superficial activities of impressions and less thought can be the result of dealing with this information."


Lois said...

What a great narration! I also love the notebook your kids use. Did you design/print that yourself or did you buy it from somewhere?

jeaneen said...

What sort of books are your children narrating in? Lovely!


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial type of post. I, also like that notebook ...is it homemade or a purchased one? Format of drawing and lines are nice.

Anonymous said...

Too funny...it looks like we are reading each other's blog right now :) Just got your comment, and we love this butter. I got the recipe about 7 years ago in a magazine and I love it. I think it was called Better Butter, but never the less, it has been a keeper and used so many times now that I know the recipe by heart.