24 August 2010

How on earth do you get 5 girls in one room?

Here is my answer to this oft asked question.  In pictures that is.  It does work and work well.  My girls love being together and so nobody has a problem with all being in the same room. We have dubbed it "The Nursery." They spend lots of time reading, playing, singing and dancing in here and not to mention, sleep!!

A bed underneath is pulled out for the 2 youngest.

This is one secret I have landed upon. Put lots of great reading material in their bedrooms and you will find yourself with children who can't get enough of books. I'm not sure how it works, but I think they have this feeling of, "This all belongs to ME." Because in the beginning when all the books were just on shelves in the livingroom I think the children just thought they were mine instead of theirs!! I have them organized a bit into reading levels. Sonlight books, FIAR books, etc. all have their own space! The "teaching" books are still in the livingroom.

The twins, from the beginning have ALWAYS been in the same bed. They will NOT have it any other way. So here is their little nook, which they chose on their own. The closet!! They have their American Girls books, Sonlight books, Elsie Dinsmore, Milly Keith, and other "maiden" type books on their own shelves.


LLJ said...

You have just given me a much needed solution and great idea! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't I noticed you had twins also? I must have forgotten! I have two sons to a room here and my daughter bunks in the same room with me but in her own bed, of course. Bunk beds were a space saver but as they grew, we took them down as twin beds. My twins are in separate rooms with another brother but they slept together most of the early years and shared the same crib. I love your space storage ideas!

Ruby said...

Great use of space. It is also great that they all get along ~ that could be a little cosy if they were brawlers!

Mrs. White said...

I love the idea for the books! The pictures are adorable!

Mrs. White

OurLilFullFam said...

That is a neat idea, the closet nook! All my girls are in the same room as well. They want it that way. On Vacation, my mom always says they look like sardines because they can't stand to be apart!


Anonymous said...

We didn't keep toys in the bedrooms but we had books there. We had 6 children- 4boys, 2 girls- a boys' room and a girls' room. Wish we had more children- but now we have 4 granddaughters, so far.-Taryn

dggp said...

How cozy it all seems. I love it.