02 August 2010

A busy mom of many story (or should I say scatterbrained mom?)

I suppose this story could belong to anyone who has children. Whether you have many children or just a few. At any rate I get to experience plenty of "busy mom of many" stories; which most of them end up being some of "mommy's embarrassing moments."

My girls have been busy making cute hair decorations out of fake flowers and bobbie pins. My entrepreneur 7 year old daughter thought she would make a few and try selling them. UM, without mom knowing. We packed up the kids quickly into the van and ran to the library. As usual I was in a hurry and didn't "inspect" the looks of the children. (another bad habit of mine) Upon checkout I was able to stand still long enough and look at each of the kids. Mostly good, except for the determined 7 year old. Dirty face, evidence of breakfast on her shirt, and I don't even know what was smeared all over her skirt. Plus she was barefooted. OKAY, as if that wasn't bad enough, I had discovered that my dirty, barefooted daughter had been going around the library asking the patrons if they wanted to purchase a flower for their hair.

"Um excuse me Miss, would you like to buy a pretty flower for your hair or for you daughter's hair? They are usually only .50 but I will sell them to you for only a quarter. What do you say, would you like one?"

Yea, needless to say I was suddenly in a huge hurry to get my items checked out and scurry unnoticed to my van. UNNOTICED? How was I to get away with that since it was evident that most of the children in the library belonged to me? The librarian just chuckled at the whole thing and I could tell she was enjoying every moment of it as she ever so s-l-o-w-l-y got our items checked out and into a sack for us!! (she did end up selling a few of them, probably out of pity!)


Tristan said...

Too funny!

My kids have been drilled in the "wear shoes or you ride in the baby stroller" fact. I've actually been tempted to buy everyone cheap flip flops to keep in a bag under the van seat so we're always covered, but so far we've done pretty well getting out the door with shoes. Now, matching shoes is not on the list, but with boys, what do I expect?!

It's neat to hear how motivated to market her products she is already though, very neat!

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

That is so funny!!!! Glad you wrote it down. The poor pitiful orphan girl they were thinking.


The Mayo Family said...

Awe! I am trying not to smile (too much) just goes to show we are all so human!
It is so hard when we live in small areas and so many do not understand our choices for life...anyway so imagine! (I am getting a visual in my mind of the lil-match girl here..."who would like a hair-flower"?) Sweet though...do not frett Momma, you'll look back and laugh---one day as it was so innocent!
By the way my girls want you to post pic's of the hair "clips-flowers"?
Have a wonderful day and know this ...you have blessed many of us "Mom's too many Mother's"
Blessings friend~

Ruby said...

That initiative will take that 7 year old a long way!
I imagine you do have heaps of good tales to tell. I particularly like the "left behind" stories some of my friends with big families have to tell.
And don't sweat about the shoes. I only have two boys at home and have still managed to turn up at shops with out shoes on feet.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Already an entrepreneur!

Jeannetta said...

LOLOL THAT is hysterical!! I so would have bought one too!

dggp said...

Too funny. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I'll take some flowers too. What a brave girl.


Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

So funny! Large families have their funny stories with all the different personalities never a dull moment.

OurLilFullFam said...

That is so funny, sounds like us sometimes around here too. We have, more than once, got someplace with at least one barefooted child!!