22 June 2010

Sisters, sleepovers, smiles, and Colorado fun

Sisters enjoying some time together. (Hey, where's Christie?)

Mary has to say see ya to Kim at the airport in Denver because she had to get home earlier than everyone else in order to get back to work. Mary is pretty much Kim's sidekick and they love being together.

Janai think's she's a cowgirl. But she rides a motorcycle, not a horse!

Mary and Robyn romping on the trampoline at their Aunt's house in CO.

I don't call this camping but my kids will.

Having a fun sisters sleepover at Aunt Ashley's house! (oops, where is Christie, Mary and Juli?)

Me with 6 of my daughters.

Mary and daddy


dggp said...

It looks like loads of fun. The girls are so pretty.

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

Your girls all look so much alike. You are very blessed with lots of girls.

busymomof10 said...

Great pics@! Looks like the girls had a great time! I love the picture of you surrounded by your girls! You are so BLESSED!!

dlpower said...

i love this. I am glad you all had so much fun! You have a great family!