09 June 2010

My girls are far braver than their mama!!

That's raw courage in my opinion!!

Kenzie's enjoying it but Janai has her doubts!!


Cinnamon said...

Yuckie!! Brave but yuck~ :-)

I'd be glad THEY were holding it and NOT me :-) hee hee


Jeannetta said...


How is the baby??

Ruby said...

Enjoying it! Eeek!!!! My great phobia....SNAKES.
Even a tiny one is scary to me but that is a whoppper. Obviously not poisonous but that has never mattered. They are not animals I like :-(

Tianna said...

Yikes! That's one HUGE snake. I think I would have come close to tears if I had to hold something like that.

busymomof10 said...

They are Brave!

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

You could not pay me a million dollars to do that!!!! :) Literally. Yes how is baby and mom?


Christie said...

my 15 yr old loves those things LOL, she catches them in the wild no joke. She is also a zoo teen and can't wait to train long enough so they will let her hold them everyday, ahhhh....gotta love kids that adore reptiles ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,

All that I can say is that they're braver than me!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend,
Love Jillian ♥