22 June 2010

Dentist Visits and Fat Lips

As much as we would have liked, our trip to CO was not all fun and games. We all, including Mary ended up spending a little bit of time in the chair!! Here, Mary, under the loving care of her Uncle Jared is all smiles but her happiness is short lived once reality sets in.

Recovering from her "traumatic" adventure and coming out of it all with just one fat lip.
Amazing how quickly they recover!

Uncle Phillip and grandma are busy with Makenzie and Janai. Dentistry is somewhat of a family affair!! Grandma is Phillips assistant! I love having my children under the care of those they love and know, and who loves and knows them because there is rarely any fear or anxiousness when it comes time to pay a visit. What wonderful blessings "the uncles" have been for my kids.

The rest of us ended up in Uncle David's chair. But we were all old enough (and smart enough) not to land ourselves in front of the camera. Here is Uncle Dave and wonderful wife Aunt Ashley!


dggp said...

That is a wonderful blessing to have. And especially so with all the children you have.

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

How wonderful to have dentists in the family! Any chiropractors?