15 May 2010

Our Copy Work Notebook

This is a work in progress but nearing the end. My children do copy work everyday. What they copy is what they memorize weekly. Depending on the age and ability of the child is what determines the length of the work. Normally, as in the case of a poem or hymn they do it in sections. So it may take a few weeks to memorize one poem, passage, or hymn. Then every few weeks we go through the copy work book and review. Just to make sure!!

I like to keep them in sheet protectors since there are so many children using it. I have about 50 sheets in this notebook housing all the work we've done in the past and the ones we will do in the future. My next project is to organize the pages into sections of hymns, poems, scripture passages, quotes, etc. Or, maybe that could be a job for a child!! The pretty paper gives it an extra special touch I think.


-:- Tamara -:- said...

Great idea! Beautiful notebook.

Mrs. White said...

I love this idea! It looks great!
Mrs. White

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

Pretty notebook and good idea with the page protectors. I used to have my children copy Bible verses to practice their handwriting, but you have it more organized.

dggp said...

Great idea. I'm going to be a copy cat and use your ideas. Thanks!