08 May 2010

The Modern Challenge to Motherhood is the Eternal Challenge

In 1950 Peter Marshall, a great Scottish American preacher stood
before the US Senate and explained it this way:
The modern challenge to motherhood is the eternal challenge-that of being a godly woman. The very phrase sounds strange in our ears. We never hear it now. We hear about every other kind of women-beautiful women, smart women, sophisticated women, career woman, talented women, divorced women, but so seldom do we hear of a godly woman-or of a godly mean either, for that matter.

I believe women com nearer fulfilling their God-given function in the home than anywhere else. It is a much nobler thing to be a good wife than to be Miss America. It is a greater achievement to establish a Christian home than it is to produce a second-rate novel filled with filth. It is a far, far better thing in the realm of morals to be old-fashioned than to be ultramodern. The world has enough women who know how to hold their cocktails, who have lost all their illusions and their faith. The world has enough women who know how to be smart.

It needs women who are willing to be simple. the world has enough women who know how to be brilliant. It needs some who will be brave. the world has enough women who are popular. It needs more who are pure. We need women, and men, too, who would rather be morally right than socially correct.


Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very good article Tricia. I believe getting rid of all TVs would be a good place to start. And maybe even get rid of Hollywood!


Stephanie4Him said...

Wonderfully truthful word!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said!

Happy Mother's Day! I had you on my heart today and wanted to wish you a day of many blessings.


busymomof10 said...

How True! I Love that quote! And to think where we have gone as a society since the 1950s! How few godly men and women there are today!!! You sharing that quote reminds me that we have a movie about his life and it used to be my husband's favorite! We will have to pull that out and watch it on movie night soon!

dggp said...

Wonderful post. Something that needs to be attached to the tail of an airplane and seen throughout the world. Love it.