07 May 2010

Kid's Blog Fridays~What our days look like

This is me Emma, doing my favorite thing. Reading. I would like to share with you what a typical day may look like around here and what we do with ourselves. Here is just a little bite!!
We build forts, and we love to read

We love music and math
We focus on our task at hand
We learn fire arm use and safety from our brother and daddy
We build tables, shoot a bow, catch frogs, and doctor our family


dggp said...

Looks like you're raising what they call, 'jack of all trade' hehe. I love how the kids made the photos.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

How cute. What a wonderful life they are blessed with!!!!!


MamaArcher said...

Thanks for sharing, it is always nice to get a peak into the lives and homes of others!

Ruby said...

What an interesting life and education you are having, Emma!

Stephanie4Him said...

Oh I just love this post with all the photos!! What fun!