18 May 2010

Bring It On!! 2010-2011 School Year

Why? you ask, do I post my completed 2010 school plans? Because I am a seriously challenged schedule creator!! So, I am a bit proud of myself having finished up my final draft for the 2010 school year. Normally I just jot down on a piece of paper what I would like accomplished for the year but it ends up getting written on or lost or ate by the dog or something like that. (I don't have a dog but you get my drift) This way it is IN my computer and should be more difficult to lose. I was so proud of it I even put it on my travel drive just in case. This literally took me hours and losing it would not make me very happy. Now that I actually have a functioning and workable layout I plan on hanging onto it for years to come and only changing the titles of the resources I use.

I will be schooling 4 out of my 5 youngest together for the next year using the resources above. Of course though math, latin, grammar, and independent reading will be done individually.

My book lists for each child I keep in sheet protectors and they mark off the books as they read them. We have used it for years and it's a wonderful thing to have with many children because then you don't have to think about whether or not they've read a particular book or not. I've decided on Sonlight for my older kiddos and that's why they aren't listed on the schedule. They are pretty much on auto pilot and can use the Sonlight schedule alone.

HERE is the blog I "store" my links for online resources being used.

I choose titles for our book lists from various resources. All of the following links offer wonderful titles for literature. And best of all, nearly all of our choices we find at our public library.


Teena said...

wow that looks great.... thanks for sharing. Thinking about mine too.... getting ready for the fall. Isn't it funny how we start thinking about the following year in MAY. I guess that is normal.

I enjoy reading here...


dggp said...

Good for you. That's a fine job of scheduling. It's always been a challenge for me too but I don't have as many kids as you do plus using sonlight it's already done for me!!

Pam said...

What about time segments? Do you just have them do a check off list, and work mostly on their own? I like the idea of listening to the Island Story on i-tunes. Also, combining the 3 Ambleside years is good, to make it more in a group, I suppose. Good job!

Diane said...

Looks great! I plan on working on the same thing tonight.

Tina said...

That looks like a wonderful year and its exactly the encouragement I needed! I was whining today about planning out my middle school science. I have so many wonderful tools I should be rejoicing instead of pouting about not buying something else. Thank you for sharing this, I am encouraged.

Pam said...

I think you are right about not having time segments. I tried that for the first time recently on our light schedule, and some of them got up earlier and worked harder to get done earlier. (Others were laxidazical as usual!). So the key would be to make sure I list enough to keep them busy for a good extent of the day, right!

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

You are so organized! I notice you use the McGuffey readers. We did too, and loved them.

ladyofvirtue said...

This looks terriffic--thanks for sharing!