06 April 2010

The Next School Year Has Arrived

We don't have what one would normally call a "school year." We tend to school year round giving us the opportunity to take off when we need to or want to such as the whole month of December for instance. The kids have finished up the work assigned to them for last year and we are beginning a new year. This year however there is a marked difference in our homeschool. I actually bought a 'boxed' curriculum. That would be Sonlight. Yes, we have always loved reading the books found in their catalog but this year I was ready for a pre-made schedule for our core and Sonlight was the best choice. The older kids will continue with the schedule I write up for them but the younger ones will be using Sonlight. So far this week has been great. For the most part they are able to read the schedule and move along by themselves and I have never felt so rested!! My homemade schedule looks a lot like Sonlights but with my choice of reading and read alouds so I am so thankful to not be writing up schedules for a while. At least for most of the kids! Here are the cores we will be doing.

Sonlight 4/5 was bought used a few years ago. We will just read these as a family because the kids never tire of them. I am thinking about using Living Books Curriculum for my youngest.

Sonlight Core 2
I only bought the Instructors Guide (used for 20.00) for core 2 since I owned most of the books. The one's I don't own I borrow from the library.

Sonlight 3/4 I bought used online for half price.

We finally have our chalkboard wall finished. It takes the whole wall from top to bottom and side to side. Washing it down everyday is a chore so it pays a quarter to whoever volunteers. It sure comes in handy to jot down the days work for everyone. Notes, phone numbers, etc.

Current daily and weekly schedule posted in sidebar for all kids and subjects.


Pam said...

How nice to begin all fresh and new. And yes, Sonlight's pre-made schedules are so great for those older kids, while designing the younger ones'/group times/learning centers is fun for me.

Anonymous said...

I love sonlight. I've done it that way too where I've bought only the Instructors Guide and used the library. My kids love their titles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia,
We loved Sonlight, but eventually decided on Weaver, and then changed to ACC PACE's this last year. Australian Christian College uses a very large range of good books, too, so that's helpful, and our children can receive their year 12 certificate - the BIG drawcard. :)

Have a wonderful week,
Jillian ♥