29 April 2010

Mama's and Their Young

Look closely. It's not just plants and weeds!

This clever mama found a wonderful spot to birth her
young, and most importantly to hide them from my young!

Isn't this a picture of a mama? Checking to make sure no
harm is coming to her young ones!

This family is on the other side of our house. I think we will
have plenty of kittens to keep the mice away for a while!


Pam said...

How darling, and each one so unique!

AntfarmMom said...

I want one! I want that brown black and white one! I wanted a kitty for my birthday last year before I had the baby and my dh got us a doggie! I cried a little bit but got over it quickly because I saw how sweet she was and how much the rest of the family loved her! Anyway...I want one!!!!!

mommyx12 said...

Help yourselves. They are free for the taking!!

dggp said...

I want one. They are so adorable. I love it when you said the mama had to hide them from your young. So true.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

awwwww, how cute. AHHHH and you drove a car on the water!!! WOW. You guys are so much fun

mommyx12 said...

Oh no, the van and car are on the landing where we park. We weren't brave enough to pull out onto the frozen river although we were told it would be perfectly safe under certain conditions.

Susan said...

Absolutely precious! The kitties are soooo cute!! What a good mama she is!

Gae said...

A lovely post with some very sweet kittens and their Mummy.
I love it

Brittney said...

So sweet! She did pick the perfect birthing spot.