29 March 2010

Our Island Story~Dangerous Midnight Swim

Well, it could have been if my hubby weren't a good swimmer. The story goes like this:

For a week or two we had been arguing over this and that. Not sure exactly what anymore so I suppose it wasn't all bad. But at the time, things between us were getting heated and then one afternoon we were at it again and he decided he needed time away. (must have been heavy because never in 10 years of marriage did he ever walk out until that day.) So he packed a few things intending to stay at his parents over the weekend. At the time he was on swing shift working until 11pm. So off to work he goes that afternoon and I got myself an idea.

See I always had the pontoon boat while he always had his little john boat. He rowed on over to go to work and when he left the landing I took the pontoon over and hauled his boat home. Not sure why I did that but it must have made me feel better knowing that if he changed his mind not to stay at his parents' home he would have a hard time getting back to our home!!

Well, he did change his mind. I didn't know it though. I had turned off the phone, stole away with his boat and all was well. I was safe and sound on our little island and I didn't have to worry about squabbling for a few days. NOT SO!! Around midnight I was reading upstairs and I hear this banging on the back door. Kind of scary considering nobody lived around me. I quietly snuck down to the kitchen, put my ear to the door and asked in a whisper, "who's there?" And the answer that came back was NOT in a whisper but in a loud, "What'd you take my boat for?"

Okay, I was a 'bit' surprised to hear his voice on the other side of the door but not totally surprised. The time had come to face up to what I did and I knew I couldn't run and hide so I unlocked the door and there he was, shivering from cold, dripping wet, with a towel in hand drying himself off. Our back porch was a mudroom/bathroom with a shower making the drying off and washing up process easy. Living on the river like there was always someone dripping with water or covered in mud so it was nice to be able to shower and clean up before coming into the rest of the house. At this point I thought I'd better start talking~~

"Uhhhh, how'd you get here hon?"

"How'd I get here, I swam, that's how I got here. Do you have any idea how cold that river is at the end of October and how dark it is at midnight?" (It wasn't a short swim either, there is quite a bit of river between our house and the landing.)

I got the impression real quick it wasn't exactly how he intended to spend his evening. But he was a trooper as always and eventually forgave me! Which I am very grateful for.


Pam said...

Thanks for sharing that story! So amusing to read this morning, I have loved reading your little island stories, so much so, that I have shown them to my husband on occasion too. I have been quite in awe!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I enjoyed reading this story! Too funny and I know that I would never have been able to hold back my laugh...I would have been rolling on the ground laughing.

I think, knowing my husband, that he would like to live on a little island all to himself, but not under the conditions that you and your family have had to endure. My, what work!

Your pictures make the story come to life and I'm sure that you have many special memories.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

HILLARIOUS!!!!! Oh my, thank you for the laugh. Only a man would do that!!!! Well that shows how much he loves you huh.


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh my how I enjoyed reading this post!
You and your family have a Blessed Easter~

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely comments you left for several of my posts. I enjoyed reading your island life posts and meeting your family. Exactly one year ago today my husband and I were unintentionally separated by water when our valley flooded and our road was cut off in all directions for three days. My husband dutifully stayed at work in the city even though he knew he would probably not make it home. He tried but knew the water was way too deep to drive through. Our house is on a hill so we were just fine but our neighbours had to evacuate. We have river islands in this region too which is dairy country - a bit like Wisconsin I am guessing and that is about all I know about your state and what I've read in the Little House Books. I will enjoy visiting your blog - your beautiful family photos inspired me to put pictures of my children on my side bar today!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

What a beautiful family! I love modestly dressed girls! My dad's family is from Wisconsin. I have been there once. I have fond memories of the state.

Hope can get to know each other better!


Anonymous said...

Awww, that is true love, isn't it? Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story with us. :)

Love and blessings,
Jillian ♥

dggp said...

That's an experience to be sure. Glad your love knew how to swim.


Becca said...

Now THAT'S commitment! He must really love you!!