09 March 2010

Our Island Story Part 6~Railroad Bridges and Trains

Imaginations run wild when one lives on an island!! What better thing to do on a hot summer day than to swim in a river and climb onto the railroad bridge!!

Juli is preparing to take a dive into the cool waters below. For safety, daddy first swam all over the waters where the kids were jumping and diving to ensure the water was deep enough. We knew it would be because of the cement columns holding up the bridge as they went far into the ground under water. Juli, Vance, mom and dad were the only ones big enough and brave enough to take the dive. And let me tell you, that was some deep water because after my first dive I thought I would never surface!!

(I tried editing this photo to clean it up but it didn't work)

Vance climbed up to pose for a quick picture. This is the area our family climbed onto the tracks to jump into the river or to cross the river. Sometimes during early freezing and early melting we had to cross the trestle on foot. Quite a feet with 6 young children!! But very doable if you hang onto them tight!

It was announced in town that a passenger steam train was going to go through and what better view of that than on our boat in the middle of the river. The kids thought that was the greatest!

We weren't aware that several hours later it was going to come back through the other way and I only got one shot of it!!


Cinnamon said...

What exciting times!! I often wish I could go back in time and be happier with circumstances that I lived through. Going down memory lane with you reminds me to be happy in my circumstances today so someday I can look back and praise the Lord for making me happy ~now~ :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow - what amazing photos! I especially loved the one of the HUGE dive!

Have a wonderful and blessed week,
Jillian ♥

AntfarmMom said...

Those were great photos! I love the steam engine ones...what a treat to see that during that time! It looks like a fun time.

Diane said...

We have a bridge similar to that in our area that is above a creek. Everyone jumps off it in the summer to cool down into an area that is abotu 13 ft deep. Looks like you guys had alot of fun living in that home.

Michelle Hoad said...

Our kids all love being at the lake. We have the best family memories of being on our boat, out on the water at Lake Buchannan.

LLJ said...

Wow! How exciting! That dive was pretty impressive!
thanks for sharing.


The Munck Family said...

I had never read any of your island story until today, as I'm 36weeks pregnant with baby 12 having tons of contractions this was a great time for me to read it...praying the Lord will hold baby off a bit longer. What an adventure the island was all wrapped around lots of memories for sure! Life is truly a journey and it seems you all are living it to it's fullest...isn't it great how the Lord allows us to do that?!

Can't wait to share what I have read today with my family.