24 February 2010

The Problem With Having Sisters!!

Not sure what to do with these girls. Robyn was asked out this weekend by a young man wanting to take her a play. She accepted wholeheartedly and was looking forward to it. And then on another day a different young man asked her out as well to attend the same play. (poor girl) She accepted his invitation as well. Lots of luck getting yourself out of that one!! So she comes to me with: "Mom, what am I going to do? I told them both yes and now I don't know what to do!!" Well, Robyn, this is your pickle, you figure out a way to get out of it I told her. She thinks a minute then quickly says: "Hey, do you think Christie could go with the first one I told yes, and I'll go with the 2nd?"

So, is this how it works? You can just pawn off a date to one of your sisters and everything is hunky dory?! I don't think so!

Well, long story short, she asked Christie and she said no way, I'm not taking your hand me downs, it's enough I had to take all your clothes growing up, I don't want your boys too.

As if that's not enough, it's been suggested by more than one of my girls that if a boy asks them for their phone number and they aren't interested they give him one of their sister's cell numbers!! That's a way to get out of a pickle I guess, just pass the ball to someone else and see if it works. My father called on my mother's sister Donna one night for a date, Aunt Donna was sick and couldn't go so he took my mother instead. Apparently it all worked out all right!!!


Chris in FL--Joyful Mother said...

Oh LOve it!! You have gorgeous daughters so I'm sure all the boys will be knockin left to right!


Ruby said...

You can have that all to yourself!!!!
With all your girls, this could be a trend for years to come. I do think it's nice for kids so go out in a group though so maybe they can work it out that way?
Love the story of your parents! Providence of the nicest kind.

Pam said...

I'm sure you have heard this many times before; but you do have a lovely family. Your focus is on Christ too. Wonderful.
I was wondering if you are going to be really sad when you are no longer having babies. I am sure struggling about it. Twenty five years and 13 amazing children later...I may be facing that new season and I am grieving (mostly silently). I know I should be grateful. I know I need to be content, seek God, and focus on raising them. It still hurts. Any thoughts? *I won't publish it, as it's kind of private to me.

Cinnamon said...

Now that is just funny!

At least they are creative :-)


Ritsumei said...

Growing up on a story like that, can you blame them for trying to pass off boys?? Too funny. I wonder if my sister and I would have made that sort of trouble had we gone to school in the same state, rather than across the country from each other.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - I never had any sisters, but it would have been fun being there. :D

Have a wonderful week,

Teena said...

so funny! Thanks for sharing....

I love your blog.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

That is so funny Tricia!!! Oh silly sisters!!! Those poor boys arent going to know which is which if they do that, they will be like "wait I thought I was going with you, now I am going with her? Hehehehe


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

LOl, well my girls aren't being asked out yet, but we're getting close to that age. They have two older brothers and a daddy that say they can't date until they're 30 though :-)

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

How funny, they'll talk about this for years.

Mrs. White said...

What an adorable story!!! My girls are like that too!

Mrs. White

myletterstoemily said...

that's so funny! i used to worry about what
would happen if any of my girls had a crush
on the same boy.

never happened! they do not have the same
taste at all!


LLJ said...

haha! This made me really SMILE!!! How fun! I wonder how it all turned out???