01 December 2009

Used!!! But Very Nice

I hit it big in the deals this past week. Beginning with a much needed dishwasher!! The one we had was very old, it was free so not too sad about it when it died for good. Only that it died on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and that is NOT GOOD. Right away I got on Craigslist and looked for one and we hit the jackpot. The couple we bought it from recently moved and they had just bought this one less than a year ago for $600.00. They took it with them when they moved and didn't need it anymore so they sold it to us for $150.00!! What a blessing. And just in time. We picked it up Tuesday night and hubby installed it on Wednesday. Just in time for Thanksgiving!! And what a relief considering on Thursday alone we ran it 5 times!!

The second deal I found while my sister and I were hitting the thrift stores. I found all these books here for under 50.00!! Brand new, absolutely no writing, torn pages, nothing. Perfect condition. Almost a complete 2nd. grade Rod and Staff curriculum!! I may have to add another 10.00 or so to make it 100% complete. Plus there were a few other random books I picked up that I've shown in the picture. They are part of the total purchase price too. I love it when I can save a few bucks!!


Ritsumei said...

Wow! I should find out which thrift shop you're shopping at!

Regan Family Farm said...

Beautiful dishwasher...what a blessing! For now, I keep laying a dishtowel underneath to soak up the puddles :)

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

You sure hit it big! Curriculum can be so expensive. Dishwasher deal is very nice.