23 November 2009

Pocket Change for Little Readers!!

I found a creative way for the kids to earn a little of that extra pocket change and have them learn at the same time. They do very well (most of the time) keeping up on their daily jobs and with so many children around most of the jobs are pretty well covered. (for free!) There have been times though when I will offer them a "pay book." Usually amounts to a couple bucks here and there. But with so many 'eager' readers all wanting a piece of that pocket change I decided to do stories. Here is how it works. I got a couple of "big" books off the shelf and sat them down. Of course when they saw the big books I got a few gasps until I told them what we will do. Right now the littler kids are reading from Window on the World, Eric Carle's Treasury of Classic Stories For Children, and The Lilac Fairy Book. For each story read they can earn anywhere from .02 to .25 depending on the length of the story. They love it. They don't feel too over burdened with a huge book and so they get excited to sit and read for a bit and earn cash for it. They like to exchange names with each other at Christmas and buy a present for their special someone so they love it when they can earn a few dollars.


Cinnamon said...

Love the quote next to Mary. Too sweet!

You have such good ideas~ Thanks for sharing.


Jennifer Perkins said...

oh, I love this!!! I'm gonna steal this one...


Hen Jen said...

fun idea! I am doing something similiar, I am giving pennies to my 3 youngest students for correct answers when going over our memory work, kind of makes it more like a game. They can only spend the money at the bookstore, and they get to trade up, 10 pennies for a dime...so it is math, too!

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have a great Thanksgiving weekend!