15 August 2009

Mothers Counting Their Blessings

In this trying economy it is easy to stress out over the mounting bills, rise in grocery prices, gasoline, etc, etc.  And when you have children who are dependent upon you the stresses sometimes can get overwhelming.  I found this poem the other day when thumbing through an old book I found on my bookshelf and it helped tremendously to put things into perspective.  If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed today then I hope these words can bless and strengthen.

My Neighbor and I
by Elsie C. Carroll

My neighbor rides in a shining car,
All dressed in a silken gown,
My neighbor lives in a mansion house, 
The grandest one in town.

My neighbor has flowers and grass and trees,
And pets from every hand,
My neighbor has servants to do her work,
Nor soils her soft, white hand.

And I--I live in a tiny cot,
My dress from cotton was spun,
My hands are hard, and rough, and brown,
My work is never done.

And yet I have seen in my neighbor's eyes,
As they gazed o'er the hedge at me,
A look of envy for my wealth---
The children that play 'round my knee! 


Joannof10 said...

Thanks!! I really needed this today!!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hi Tricia, great poem. I hope you are well. It is good to see you posting...... Blessings

L.H. said...

I have been thinking about the value of children and family alot recently. This poem really shows how much more joy and fulfillment is found in the life that God has outlined for us versus the me-centered life of leisure and consuming.

Thanks for this!

Jeannetta said...

Amen! We really do have treasures untold don't we :)

Ruby said...

Absolutely! We are rich and blessed indeed!
Have a great week Tricia.

Mrs. White said...

Very sweet!!

Mrs. White

Kathy said...

Wonderful poem. I tell my kids I'm the richest woman because I have them!!

Chris in FL said...

How sweet. Thanks!!!