28 August 2009

Berries, Books, And Busyness

Life is busying up again in our home. The garden is still blessing us with an abundance of "work," berries are still popping up and into mouths and the children are digging deeper into their lessons. Summer is winding down and so is "easy" street!! Our goal is to keep everyone busy throughout the summer months with a little bit of schooling and they have done well but now we are slowly grinding our way back into a full workload of lessons. Schedules printed, books gathered, pencils in hand and off we go!!

Teaching latin is a breeze when someone else does the teaching!!


Karies place said...

Wish our garden did that well. We have trouble growing lots of things due to lack of sun. We did manage to grow beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. We've tried doing yellow squash, and corn but neither really worked.

Kathy said...

The berries look delicious, we have a small rasberry bush, makes me wish we had planted many more years, ago. We start school next week, we need more structure, those lazy summer days were fun, but learning is good.

Ruby said...

I do hope you have a wonderful term/ year of schooling. Your photos are always great!
Have a good weekend too.

juli said...

Looks like you guys have been busy. It looks yummy.