30 July 2009

A Merry Mary Moment!!!

I have heard of people passing out while "drinking" a little too much but
 never while eating!! This is something I am certain that I could not do. Honestly,
 how many have you have passed out while in the middle of eating?  One of those 
things that only a child can pull off!!   She's still holding the crackers in her hand!! 
One of the older kids stuck a cracker on her chest just for the "effect!"  The child 
even had cracker crumbs coming out of her mouth when dad picked her up to carry
 to bed.


Tianna said...

Lol, this is great! Definitely something I couldn't pull off.

L.H. said...


simplebeauty said...

I've come over here from LH's blog to see this yummy picture! This is just darling!!!

busymomof10 said...

So cute!! I think Mary is an absolute DOLL anyway!! This is really adorable!!

It reminds me of a precious memory -- when my second oldest daughter, Ashlyn, was just 3 or 4, she was eating a hot dog, and kept falling asleep. When she did, the hot dog started slipping down, until it finally fell out of the bun! She would wake up and take a bite of bun, not even realizing the hot dog was missing, and then fall back to sleep! I remember we laughed until our sides ached, before we finally had mercy on the poor child and carried her off to bed! (after making sure her mouth was emptied of any remains of her hot dog, of course!) :)