05 July 2009

Happy Birthday Gregg

Today we celebrated Christie and Gregg's birthday.  Christie was feeling quite a bit better and ready for cake and ice cream since having her wisdom teeth pulled.  Today Gregg turned 14.  Where does the time go?  Gregg is our 3rd boy.  What a blessing he is to us and to his brother Aaron just older than him.  They feel quite lucky being born 'together' in this pottage of girls and as their parents it has been great to see them turn into best friends.  Gregg is extreme joker and makes everyone laugh at his antics.   Very helpful and very true to his faith.  What a great blessing you are Gregg to our family.  


HomesteadMommy said...

I just had a tooth pulled yesterday. I'm glad your dd is feeling better from having her's done to!

Victoria said...

I love how you split the cake down the middle and provided two types of frosting ... very clever.