04 June 2009

Homeschooling in America

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I am very much pro-homeschooling and I love to read articles and such on the subject.  And of course I feel the need to share with those around me as well.  Here is an article I found on The Well Trained Mind forums that I thought was really good.  I chose from the article the section I liked the best but you can read the full article HERE
if you're a fan of numbers and statistics!!

Homeschooling is now a major force in American education, and Christian parents have been in the vanguard of this movement.  For many Christian parents, homeschooling represents the fulfillment of the biblical mandate for parents to teach their children.  These parents deserve our respect, our support, our advocacy, and our prayers.  This movement is a sign of hope on our educational horizon, and a phenomenon that can no longer be dismissed as a fringe movement.

As president of a seminary and college, I can attest to the fact that questions about the educational aptitude of homeschooled students are now settled.  These students can hold their own as compared to students from all other educational backgrounds.  One other fact speaks loudly to me concerning their education.  Most of the homeschooled students I meet at the college and graduate levels indicate an eager determination to homeschool their own children when that time comes.

Education cannot be reduced to statistics, but the trends revealed in this new report from the Department of Education deserve close attention.  In our day, education represents a clash of worldviews.  Increasingly toxic approaches to education (or what is called education) drive many schools and many school systems.  In that light, the fact that so many Christian parents are taking education into their own hands is a sign of hope.  As this new report makes clear, we should expect homeschooling to be a growth industry in years ahead.


Jeannetta said...

Great article, thanks for posting it.
I especially love the "increasingly toxic approaches..." comment. How very true.
When we take that, and add in the PC garbage they are trying to stuff down our children, I think even a mediocre homeschool education will be better than the toxic waste spewing from PS.
Can you tell I have a low opinion of PS?
Thanks again.

Livin' out loud said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

dggp said...

This is a great article. Home education has proven itself time and time again.