15 June 2009

Happy Birthday Makenzie

Our first birthday in June.  Makenzie turned 9 on the 13th.  She was so happy to celebrate too since her brother, sister in law, and niece were visiting from AZ.  Makenzie is our 10th child, daughter number 7.  She is sweet, gentle, humorous, fun loving, and an all out great kid.  We love you bunches Kenz and are so very thankful you are in our family.  


Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Makenzie. You look so grown up.

Much love.
Jaime and Lindsey

Jennifer Perkins said...

you have such beautiful girls! :o)

Juli said...

Happy Birthday cute girl!

Jessica said...

Hi Tricia- My Little girl just turned 5 on the 13. Anyway... Your little girl is a doll. Well bless you.