29 June 2009

And the Winner----s Are

EVERYONE~~Isn't that great.  Look what I have.  After reading about the give away on my blog my father in law informed me he was so pleased that he would send us a whole box of them.  We have 32 in all.  So for those of you still interested just email me your addy and let me know if you want more than one.  So if you can think of others who may be interested we would love to pass them on.  We do only have 32 though but will try to do what we can to get them distributed!!  My email is vpsmith14@yahoo.com or the link can be found in my profile.


Cinnamon said...

I love the new blog look! Those sweet girls look so comfy! Where are the boys? Oh yes, I forgot, the don't like their picture taken :-9 silly boys :-)

Do you have my address? I'd love one for John. He loves to read that kinda stuff.
Thanks~ Cinnamon

Mrs. White said...

How exciting!!!
Mrs. White

Karies place said...

I'd like one, Here's my email address and I'll send you my snail mail that way. Karing4mykids@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

i want one !!!! i'll email you!!!

Jennifer Perkins said...

you are so sweet to always comment on my blogs... thank you!

I love seeing your blog, too, and your beautiful family!