16 May 2009

Where did MOMMY X 12 Go?

Yes, that's what I would like to know. Here lately it seems I am only a full time momma to 5 little girls. Where on earth has time gone? Everyone of my children over the age of 13 are all on auto-pilot and do their own thing. I have to say I am very thankful for mealtimes, school time, and scripture studies in my house because that seems to be the only time I get to talk to them!! I suppose that's not entirely true but sometimes it sure feels like it. (We still manage to have our midnight talks quiet often when the little ones are sleeping) Below is a little poem I am sure you all are familiar with. I have had this hanging in my home for years until one of the children knocked it down and it broke!! No matter, the words are embedded on my heart and will remain there.

Babies Don't Keep

Cleaning and scrubbing
Can wait till tomorrow,

For Babies grow up
We've learned to our sorrow

So quiet down cobwebs,
Dust go to sleep,

I'm rocking my baby,
And babies don't keep.


Karies place said...

I just read that on someone's face book. Truer words were never said.

Ritsumei said...

I love that poem! I've got an embroidered version that my Grandmother did when *I* was a baby that's on the wall in my kitchen.

I love that picture of your girls!

Cinnamon said...

I love the girls in the circle. Too cute! Hey we have those Strawberry Shortcake pj's too :-)


Jeannetta said...

Darling photo!
I've seen a longer version of that poem, I love it!

Angela said...

Thanks for posting this. You give me inspiration when I am struggling with the dynamics of having 4 kids!